Earth Day with Kane & Potvin


Kane & Potvin were fantastic.  When they are back around, go see them! Uber talented musicians. Confident. Funny. Charming.

Do you remember the Canadian bands The Grapes of Wrath and The Northern Pikes?  The bands that ate up the charts in the late 80’s early 90s?  The lead singers of these two iconic Canadian bands (Kevin Kane and Bryan Potvin) have formed a duo performing classic songs from their days as front men for these groups as well as original material written as part of their newly discovered synergy as song writers.  The result…..well come to Patchwork House Concerts on April 22nd and see for yourself!  You will not be disappointed.

Saturday, April 22: Kane & Potvin                              

Doors: 7:30 pm   Show time: 8 pm                                                                                 Tickets: $30 IN ADVANCE** (all $$$ to the artists).  To RSVP and arrange payment, send an email to It can be done by e-transfer or we can make other arrangements for drop off.

BYOB.   Snacks offered at the break (and shareable snacks welcome, but not required).  CDs will be available for purchase.

Please like Patchwork House Concerts on facebook and follow me on twitter @PatchworkHConc. And if you know anyone who may enjoy what we are doing, please invite them to join our email list.

Best,                                                                                                                                              Monique & George                                                                                                                 Patchwork House Concerts                                                                                                                30 First Ave., Bedford                                                                                                                                               @PatchworkHConc                                                             


**We have started selling tickets in advance for our house concerts, for a few reasons… will really help us plan set-up (including snack preparation) and provide assurances to the artists that they will have an audience.  We’ve had evenings where a bunch of people who RSVP’d did not show up (ain’t that a drag for the artists – who get 100 % of the door) and evenings where people show up without RSVP’ing creating some space challenges (we really want everyone to be comfortable).  So, decide to join us, make a commitment and get your $$ to me (either by e-transfer or by dropping it to me at work downtown Halifax or home) then mark the date(s) in your calendar with a big happy face.

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