Celebrating Canada’s 150th with …. music

Kate Vargas – July 14, 2017

Andrea Wittgens – July 14, 2017

Andrea & Kate

It is a big year for Canada.  So why not have a couple of house concerts this summer?  The irony is, our July and August musicians make their homes in the US.  But two of them were born here…..

Friday, July 14 @ 8 pm: Andrea Wittgens & Kate Vargas  Tickets: $20 at the door

Tuesday, August 15 @ 8 pm: Steve Poltz Tickets: $30 at the door

All shows are BYOB.  Snacks provided (and shareable snacks welcome).

RSVP: mleblanc.patchwork@gmail.com or by calling 902 434-8355.

Patchwork House Concerts is located on First Ave. in Bedford, NS.

Our first show on FRIDAY, JULY 14 features two women singer-songwriters who will bring power, heart, soul and a little Tom-Waits-inspired-grit to the Patchwork stage.

Andrea Wittgens  grew up in Antigonish but now makes New York City her home.  Her sound (kinda pop, kinda jazz) is so unique it is best to simply check out some videos:

Forget all that compared to this and that stuff, Wittgens is her own voice and it’s one you’ll be glad to hear. Hot stuff from a newcomer that’s sure to be around for a while. – CHRIS SPECTOR, Midwest Record

Kate Vargas  grew up in New Mexico and has also made NYC her home.  Her sound is bluesy-folk but check out her voice! https://www.kate-vargas.com/home
“Vargas dropped an acoustic version of her song ‘Rise The Moon’ and it will be sure to capture your full attention. The singer connects with the music on an emotional level that will take listeners on a wild ride and back. There is an unlimited amount of potential in this superstar on the rise.” — Kyle Stevens, Huffington Post

More info to follow about the Poltz show.  You are welcome to RSVP now.


Monique & George

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