Ian Sherwood Brings the Light on December 2nd

Beautiful show with Ian Sherwood











If you have attended a show at Patchwork you know that I always say a few words of introduction.  For our last show of 2017, I decided to say many words…….


‘Twas mere weeks before Christmas, when all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Our listeners were settled in old Zellers chairs,

In hopes that Ian Sherwood soon would be there.

For our returning audience there was no shock,

For they know that the host likes to hear herself talk! 

With rules of the house and the program all mapped,

And tips for the bathroom where one may become trapped.

House rules are simple: please make yourself at home,

When the artist is singing, no talking on your phone.

The infamous loo is up one flight of stairs,

Another off the kitchen makes it a pair.

Two sets there shall be, with a break of fifteen,

To mingle and nibble and top up your canteen,

And to check out the merch: buy a cd or two.

Heck, with 12 days of Christmas you know what to do!

CDs are small and square, so easy to wrap,

Then on December 24th, you can just take a nap.

No naps here this year, 9 shows we did hold,

Including two in the summer; we were so bold.

Since 2008 we welcomed chaos galore,

Ian’s show tonight makes number 84.

Gabrielle, Laurenn, Dave, and Jont with his band:

Everyone was dancing and the place? She still stands!

Singing She Ain’t Pretty with Kane & Potvin

To Andrea and Kate showing us their Superpowers.

Poltz’s song about socks, and Jeffery’s show when lights did fly,

To the big sweet voices of Dominique and Skye.

We close the year with another Patchwork friend,

Whose new cd is excellent, beginning to end.

And there may just be a few seasonal tunes:

It’s December 2nd folks, hardly too soon.

And then, in a twinkling, the show it will end…..

But don’t rush off, out the door we’ll not send.

For as our guests depart, a wee sadness draws in,

See, the absence of music creates its own din.

We clean up the snacks, if plates are not cleaned fine,

And entertain ourselves trying the leftover wine.

Chairs to the basement, a stage to knock down.

Seeking help from the kids – often met with a frown.

But the effort is worth it for each and every show,

That’s why after 10 years we are still ready to go.

Our January show brings Christine Campbell and Blake,

Then Carole King’s Tapestry, Erin Costelo will make.

Our March show is still much up in the air,

So if you have some ideas, please do share.

Now a wink of my eye and a twist of my head,

Alerts me that you folks want some music instead.

So I will leave you to Ian and finally start this show,

I hope any seasonal song does not bring out the snow.

Join my mailing list, for news of each upcoming act,

I never send poetry – and that’s a fact!

From the Patchwork family, in this season of light

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”




The signs are out there……bags of leaves, the odd flurry, driving home from work in the dark, Parade of Lights upon us…..yep we are fast approaching the Christmas season.  Here’s a little something to ease the transition: Ian Sherwood will Bring the Light (and some Comfort & Joy) to Patchwork on Saturday, December 2nd.

Bring the Light is Ian’s much anticipated fifth studio album.  Released in September, he has been touring this solid record through the Maritimes and Ontario.  Produced by multi-award-winning producer Daniel Ledwell, the album is filled with the same hooky cleverness that has always endeared Sherwood to his audiences. This time, the capable work of Ledwell’s production brings Sherwood’s songs a new dimension of beauty and depth.  Check out the new single, “Firefly”:

Bring the Light delivers contemporary, acoustic, folk and pop sounds with a few bits of jazz thrown in for good measure.  Each of the 12 tracks is solid and the wide variety of sounds makes the record accessible to anyone with an ear for good music.
Guitar, saxophone, prolific songwriting and a voice that won him a 2013 Canadian Folk Music Award for Contemporary Singer of the Year, Sherwood brings the light to every stage he stands on.  He was named Best Male Artist of the Year by the 2012 International Acoustic Music Awards and was honoured with the 2008 and 2010 Music Nova Scotia Musician Of The Year Award.

Ian also produces for other artists as well as for theatre, film and television. He most recently won a 2017 Robert Merritt Award for Outstanding Original Score for the play “Tompkinsville” by Lindsay Kyte.  He also completed the music score for two films that were featured at FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival in Halifax, including “Pearls”, written and directed by Shelley Thompson and “You Ruined Our Life”, written directed by Iain McLeod.

Ian will be performing songs from Bring the Light as well as few jazzed up Christmas songs.  Comfort & Joy indeed!

Saturday, December 2 @ 8 pm.  Doors 7:30 pm.  $20 per person (all funds to the artist).  BYOB.  Snacks offered. (Are you part of a small office or group in need of a Christmas outing?  This could be it!)

We’ll endeavour to have a tree up to get us all in the spirit…..

Info/Tickets: mleblanc.patchwork@gmail.com
Please follow and share on facebook and twitter
facebook.com/PatchworkHouseConcerts                                                                                   @PatchworkHConc

Monique & George
Patchwork House Concerts
30 First Ave.

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