Keith Mullins & Colin Grant – March 5























Up next at Patchwork – a couple of musical chameleons.  Book your seats. Then I will challenge you to sit still while listening to KEITH MULLINS & COLIN GRANT                SATURDAY, MARCH 5 @ 8 PM                                                                                                    $20 (all $$ to the artists, as usual)

 Keith and Colin are two Cape Breton musicians who know how to play a tune/song/jig/reel/rock/pop/blues/whatever.  From Celtic music to Cuban rhumbas there is nothing these guys can’t do.  Those who attended Keith’s shows with the kids from Basinview School (Basinview Rocks) or who were here last year for Keith’s show with Cuban piano wonder Silvio Pupo know exactly what I mean.  So do those who have seen Colin at Celtic Colours or caught the Sprag Session somewhere along the way.

Colin’s band, Sprag Session is described as follows.Lingering somewhere amidst the rich, soulful roots of traditional Cape Breton music and the grooves of a thousand branches of rock and funk, Sprag Session has developed a unique style and repertoire of music with a dynamic and thoughtful mingling of beats and melodies from an extensive host of musical influences. Far from the awkward malaise of mohawked bagpipers and kilted punks, Sprag Session has created a kind of Celtic fusion that is as much Béla Fleck and the Flecktones and Frank Zappa as it is Ashley MacIsaac.

A few videos for the uninitiated:                                                                                                  Keith Mullins:  Island Sol   

with kids from Basinview School

and a little “Apple of my Eye”

So upon watching that, if I tell you that Keith does a rendition of “Billie Jean” in 5 parts at once ….it won’t sound so strange.  But what if we add a 6th part?  A fiddle perhaps…..

Colin Grant:  with his celtic fusion group “Sprag Session”                                                                                    

Do yourself a favor and commit to being with us on Saturday, March 5 to share in the joy that is live music.   RSVP via email to or by calling 902 434-8355.  You’ll be glad you did.

Best,                                                                                                                                                         Monique & George                                                                                                                Patchwork House Concerts                                                                                                              First Ave., Bedford



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