Lynne Hanson fills Patchwork slot with an on-line show

Our final house concert of the ‘season’ was meant to take place this week-end and feature Lynne Hanson.  The bad news is (of course) that this Patchwork house concert is not happening.  The good news is that Lynne will be performing a show on-line from her house on Sunday, May 31 at 5 pm Atlantic time.  You can find all the details on her website here.

Please consider supporting Lynne and all the other musicians who have no choice but to share their songs and stories virtually.  You can do this by signing up to ticketed events, by sending them tips for performing and by buying their music and merch.  Lynne has a new release called Just Words for which she produced a lovely book of poetry.  

It is too early to say when Patchwork House Concerts will be able to present again.  Please continue to follow us and you’ll be among the first to know.

Best and stay safe, Monique & George
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