Matt Epp Returns Sept 22nd

Some singer-songwriters have a certain ‘je ne sais pas quoi’ such that when they perform, the hair on the back of your neck quivers and your toes begin to curl in awe.  Matt Epp is such a performer.

…Epp has this weighty pitch that travels right to the core, and can either make your heart feel incredibly heavy or lift you right to your feet. If you like music, you’ll like this. (A+ review of Orphan Horse)

with Epp’s soothing voice, its gentle ballads will linger in your mind, coaxing you into lending your ear. (EXCLAIM! Review Feb/2010 Safe or Free)

Matt released his fifth album ‘At Dawn’ last April: From Amoria with Love                                    …..An exceptional songwriter and a transnational band in service of an “Empire of Love”; the story behind the new Matt Epp recording sounds like great cinema. Amoria, which was given it’s name from the Latin root for ‘Love’, is not a city, not a country; it’s an Empire. But don’t look for Amoria on any map except the one Matt draws on his new album, At Dawn. The album was recorded live-off-the-floor in Winnipeg, with additional tracking done in Granada, Spain and around Canada. The songs have incredible diversity sonically, while topically they remain loyal to the matters of the heart and soul Epp is known for.

Join us for an evening with Matt Epp.

Saturday, September 22nd                                                                                                       8 pm start                                                                                                                                        $20 (all funds to the performer)

There will be 2 sets with a short break in between.  Matt will have CDs available for purchase.  A brand new one in fact.

Please RSVP* via email (  Directions and reminders will follow.   Non-alcoholic beverages will be offered.  You are invited to take along any wine/beer/etc. that you wish to enjoy.  There will be a selection of munchies at the break.  Contributions to the munchies table will be graciously accepted and appreciated although not required.

(*When you commit to attending, your seat is reserved for you (or for an alternate if you can’t make it at the last minute). The artist counts on the number of people who have committed, and so do we to keep our house as a good and reliable venue to continue to bring fantastic musicians to you in such an intimate setting.  In short: if you say you’re coming, please do so.  Thanks)

Best,                                                                                                                                                     Monique

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