November Show features Irish Mythen & Christine Campbell

Here’s hoping you had a lovely Thanksgiving.  In our house, we are thankful for music and these opportunities to bring people together to enjoy it.  Our November show features two women who wowed us at the Harmony Bazaar Music Festival in Lockeport this past July.

Irish is a ball of pure energy that had the crowd on its feet again and again. 

*During an interview the President of the Mariposa Folk Festival was asked for his standout performers of 2011.  “Irish Mythen was the standout for me.  She channelled Janis Joplin on stage Saturday night.” – Toronto Star

Christine Campbell wears two hats.  She fronts the Halifax heavy metal band Stone Mary but is also building a solid solo career as an acoustic performer because she is just so darn talented and versatile; for the Dolly Parton tribute at Harmony Bazaar, Christine covered “I will always love you” and totally nailed it.  Check her out on youtube below.   Better yet – see her at Patchwork and later you’ll be able to say ‘I knew her when…’.

Saturday, November 3 @ 8 pm

$20 (all funds given to the artists)

There will be 2 sets with a short break in between.  CDs will be available for purchase. 

Please RSVP via email to  That way we know how to arrange the furniture. 

A reminder will go out a couple of days before that will include directions for newbies and those who’ve forgotten the way. 



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