Steve Poltz – August 28

Summer 2012 has been a beauty thus far.   At Patchwork, we’ve decided to add to this awesomeness by having a summer house concert.  And who better to entertain us on a warm summer evening but the indescribable STEVE POLTZ.

Tuesday, Aug 28th – 8 PM start (there will be 2 sets with a short break in between; cds will be available for sale)

(I know it’s a Tuesday but it’s the last week of August – close to your last chance to indulge in summer fun before September hits once again….)

 $20 per person (all $$ goes to Steve)

It’s always helpful if you RSVP via email or by calling 434-8355.  That way we know how to arrange the furniture.  A reminder will go out a couple of days before that will include directions for newbies and those who have forgotten the way.

(Last minute RSVPs and drop-ins are cool too.)

Non-alcoholic beverages will be offered.  You are invited to take along any wine/beer/etc. that you wish to enjoy.  There will be a selection of munchies at the break.  Contributions to the munchies table will be graciously accepted and appreciated although not required.

Please feel free to forward this invitation on to other music lovers you know.





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