Live Music! It’s time……

May 2022: Congratulations to all the ECMA 2022 nominees and winners! George and I went up to Fredericton for the weekend to attend. To say that 4 days of LIVE music was good for the soul is an understatement.  We are INSPIRED to dust off the folding chairs and welcome live music lovers back into our living room.

I was totally inspired by the talented and courageous artists who continued to create, pen songs, record, and share their work (in person if possible, virtually if not) during these past 27 or so months.  Me?  All I had to do was show up (to work)….these humans had to pivot, to persevere, to innovate, and perhaps most importantly, to keep the faith.   

We rejoiced in seeing performances by musicians we’ve known for years who used the pandemic pause to evolve, to make new musical connections, to hone their craft.  And we delighted in discovering new to us musicians, some of whom we think would be a perfect fit for our little stage…..

Who’s in?  If you are and are on our mailing list, you need do nothing (but feel free to say hello).  I encourage you to invite your new friends to join our email list.  If attending is no longer an option for you (perhaps you’ve moved away), you can easily unsubscribe from our list.  If you look forward to live music but are not quite ready, no worries, just sit tight until you are.

With most restrictions lifted we hope to start hosting in late summer.  We want guests to feel comfortable.  And safe.  So we will keep guest numbers on the low side to start.  More to follow…so stay tuned.  

Monique & George

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