COVID-19 Impacts

Dear music lovers,

It will come to no surprise that house concerts, like other gatherings, are being cancelled due to the pandemic. Our show with Royal Wood was the first to go down. Lynne Hanson has just confirmed that she is cancelling her east coast tour so her Patchwork show scheduled for May 31 is also cancelled.

Christina Martin will confirm the status of her show in the coming days.

I know the current situation is affecting a lot of you. It is particularly difficult for artists whose livelihood depends on getting out in front of an audience. So if you are able, please consider supporting these artists by buying their music or some merchandise. There is also the Unison Benevolent Fund, a registered charity which supports Canadian musicians in need.

Lynne Hanson

Christina Martin

Royal Wood

Unison Benevolent Fund

There will be an end to this. When that day comes, I hope to see you at a show.

Stay safe,



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