Cameron Nickerson with Blake Johnston – January 19

“19-1-2019” That is a cool date.  So we’re having a house concert that day! We are going to kick off 2019 with a high energy show that is a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n roll.

Before going solo, Cameron Nickerson was tearing it up with his band The Rockabillys, opening for big acts like The Sheepdogs and The Stanfields.   As a solo act, he brings to mind modern outlaw folkers like Sturgill Simpson, but with a delightfully invigorating maritime bent. A born storyteller, his live shows are engaging not just because of his captivating stage presence, but the way he spins yarns and tells tales.

His debut album, Detours, was released last January. It was produced by long-time friend and collaborator Blake Johnston (The Stogies) and features gorgeous harmonies by Christine Campbell and fiddle by Calen Kinney. Beginning as an idea Nickerson and Johnston were throwing around 2015, the record combines Nickerson’s love of modern singer-songwriters with the grit and grime of country outlaw heroes like Willie Nelson or Merle Haggard. Sounding neither totally modern, nor like a retro throwback, Nickerson walks a unique musical path that’s strewn with bluegrass, rock and roll, teenage angst, and world-weary contemplation.

Cameron will perform at Patchwork accompanied by one of our favourite ‘side guys’ – Blake Johnston, who may well give us a few of his own powerful songs.

Cameron Nickerson with Blake Johnston

Saturday, January 19.  Showtime – 8 pm.  Doors – 7:30 pm.

Tickets $20 in advance through Eventbrite. Tickets

Note: If you have attended a show in the past, you will note this change in approach.  We have decided to move to ticketed shows, with seats purchased in advance via EventBrite   to simplify things on show night and to manage numbers. Each show will now have a limited number of seats, depending on the artist(s) performing, to ensure every member of the audience will be comfortable.  As usual, the artists take home the net proceeds from all ticket sales.

BYOB.  Snacks provided (and shareable snacks welcome, but not required).  

We have lots more in store for 2019 so stick around.  Sign up for our email list (message me at and tell all your friends who enjoy listening to live music in an intimate setting about us.  We will continue to bring live music into our living room for you to enjoy as long as you continue to come.  That’s the only way this can work – for us, for you and especially for all of the talented musicians who have the courage to make and share music.


Monique & George


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