Pat LePoidevin was a delightful addition to the in-the-dead-of-winter festival this January.  Apart from a huge voice and beautiful songs, Pat gets sounds out of a ukulele I did not know were possible.

Possibly the most powerful male singer-songwriter signed up to Searchlight this year. This guy has LUNGS. And LYRICS. For fans of Dan Mangan, Patrick Watson, and Bon Iver.
– Grant Lawrence, CBC Music

Join us for Pat LePoidevin Saturday, March 28 @  8 pm
Rescheduled to May 2

$15 suggested donation (all $$ to the artists, as usual)

Born of a sleepy mountain town in British Columbia and built in equal parts by Scotland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and the Yukon, Pat LePoidevin is a songwriter strongly influenced by community. With an extensive songwriting resume and four albums to his name, LePoidevin has built a sizable fan base on relentless touring and standout performances at some of Canada’s most prestigious music festivals, including the Dawson City Music Festival and SappyFest. On stage, LePoidevin is like a warm light filtering through cold windows to frozen streets. His powerful, melodic vocals bring life to his songs. With friends and fans across the country, LePoidevin is at home wherever he is playing.

RSVP to or by calling 902-434-8355.    Non-alcoholic beverages will be offered.  You are invited to take along any wine/beer/etc. that you wish to enjoy.  There will be a selection of munchies at the break.  Contributions to the munchies table will be shared appreciatively but are not required.


Monique & George                                                                                                                  Patchwork House Concerts                                                                                                                 30 First Ave., Bedford


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