Alana Yorke – POSTPONED

Winter – you win (for now).  Our street is really not safe for a bunch of cars and people to park and walk, especially with more ‘stuff’ happening today.  We WILL bring Alana Yorke back because she is AMAZING.  New date: TBD

One of our In-the-dead-of-winter-music-festival favorites, Alana Yorke will serve up some comfort-food-like music for you on Saturday, February 28 @  8 pm.

With dream-like vocals and a minimalist piano style, Alana Yorke combines irresistible hooks and captivating rhythmic patterns to draw listeners into her hypnotic and beautiful world.  Raised on mid-80’s synth-pop (Kate Bush, Gowan, Enya), Yorke’s debut album, Dream Magic, was mixed in Montreal with Arcade Fire’s engineer Mark Lawson and was released January 20, 2015.  Armed with a strong musical vision and unafraid of bold sonic choices, Yorke steers her music deftly between sparkly synth-pop, grand cinematic gestures, and stripped-down intimacy on this much-anticipated release.

Here’s a sneak peak:

We will be collecting a suggested $15 cover at the break.  All funds go directly to the artists, as usual.   Non-alcoholic beverages will be offered.  You are invited to take along any wine/beer/etc. that you wish to enjoy.  There will be a selection of munchies at the break.  Contributions to the munchies table will be shared appreciatively but are not required.

RSVP to or by calling 902 434-8355.


Monique & George                                                                                                                  Patchwork House Concerts                                                                                                                30 First Ave., Bedford                

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