Two Super June Shows

Friday, June 21 @ 8 pm : Scarlett Jane

$20 (all funds given to the artists)

Scarlett Jane = Andrea Ramolo & Cindy Doire – two singer songwriters each with successful solo careers who decided to collaborate after discovering some shared musical interests and styles.  The blend of their voices stops conversations!  Their debut album Stranger was released last year and is a rootsy folk/noir album with enough country-edged rockin’ wailers to keep dancers moving and gorgeous ballads to satisfy the indie-pop fans.  Patchwork was part of their cd release tour last spring and everyone who came over to hear them were (without exaggeration) totally blown away.

Since then they have been touring all over the place.  Their album granted them the New Dragon Mine Award, two nominations for the 2012 Canadian Folk Music Awards for Best Vocal Group and Best Emerging Artist as well as a 2012 Toronto Independent Music Nomination for Best Folk/Roots Group.

They are back on the road again after penning some new songs.  It’s fair to say this may be your last chance to see Scarlett Jane in our intimate setting.  These girls are set to soar!

Thursday, June 27 @ 7:30 pm: Three Sheet

pay-what-you-can – Note earlier time

June 27 just happens to be my oldest son’s 15th birthday.  To celebrate I’ve invited the uber-cool hip-hip/rap band Three Sheet to play a show in our living room.  And you are all invited!  There will be birthday cake but rather than gifts for the birthday boy we are going to pass a hat for the band.

Three Sheet do some amazing harmonies and beat-boxing that will blow your mind!  Wicked?  You bet!!  Here’s how they roll:

This is an all-ages show but best suited for kids > 10.

RSVP** to one or both shows by email or by calling 434-8355.  It helps us to plan (for chairs, brownies, birthday cake etc.).   Shows are BYOB.  Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be available. You are welcome to bring a shareable snack but only if you wish.  Directions and reminders will follow to those who reserve a chair or two.

**When you commit to attending, your seat is reserved for you (or for an alternate if you can’t make it at the last minute). The artist(s) counts on the number of people who have committed, and so do we to keep our house as a good and reliable venue to continue to bring fantastic musicians to you in such an intimate setting.  In short: if you say you’re coming, please do so.  Thanks 


Monique & George

Patchwork House Concerts, First Ave., Bedford

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