It’s spring!

After years of being known as Halifax’s top sidemen, Kim Dunn and Keith Mullins are shining as solo artists, each with a stellar recording to promote some original tunes.  They started playing music while very young and have honed their skills by playing and recording music with the best of the best, a category to which they each belong.

Please, check out them out at:

It will be a real privilege to have them in our living room, playing some of their own songs, while backing up each other in a sensational-sideman-songwriter-circle kind of thing.

PS Kim Dunn recorded a great show in January for the CBC in Studio H which has been broadcast on Atlantic Airwaves and is available on the CBC website.  Kim will also be joining Symphony Nova Scotia as a guest artist for a concert in their 2011 pop series.  Sweet!



8 PM start (there will be 2 sets with a break in between; cds will be available for sale)

$20 per person

Please RSVP at for directions and reminders.

Non-alcoholic beverages will be offered.  You are invited to take along any wine/beer/etc. that you wish to enjoy.  There will be a selection of munchies at the break.  Contributions to the munchies table will be graciously accepted and appreciated.

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