Rory Taillon & Brooklyn Doran – June 11

Our next and final show before we break for the summer includes two artists who are not from Atlantic Canada, so they are new to us (and likely to many of you).  But their music – described as alternative folk – sounds fantastic!  Ottawa based alternative-folk musician Rory Taillon and Toronto based folk musician Brooklyn Doran perform together on Sunday, June 11th.  

With a unique style and dynamic voice, Rory Taillon has been known to take audiences on an emotional ride throughout his set from exciting and explosive highs to devastating and crushing lows.  Standing alone on the stage with his guitar and suitcase kick-drum, the classically trained singer can go from whisper to a rafter rumbling roar while painting heartfelt images with his words. Explore some videos of his powerful performances.

Brooklyn Doran (she/her) is a queer singer-songwriter originally from the heart of Northwestern Ontario, who has been a staple of the Toronto folk scene for over ten years. Doran’s unique sound weaves song and storytelling; the polarity between her music and personality create a harmonious blend of wit and humour contrasted by vulnerable lyricism and haunting melody. For a sneak preview of her style, watch some videos.

Tickets for this duo-performance are $25 and are available on EventBrite hereWe know it is a Sunday. We’ll aim to start right on time (at 7:30 pm) so you can relax, enjoy the show and get home in time for a reasonable bed time.

NOTE: Before summer takes hold and focus drifts to festivals and beaches and vacation and such, please consider getting your tickets for our exciting line-up of fall shows.

September 9: Red Dirt Skinners Tickets here

Described by Roots Music Canada as “The Pink Floyd of Folk Music” the Red Dirt Skinners are the multi-award winning, multi-instrumentalist husband and wife team of Rob and Sarah Skinner. Widely regarded as one of the most innovative acts to come out of the UK in recent years, 
the duo cross more genres than would make sense to mention and have won National and International Awards in Rock, Folk, Blues, Country, Roots, Alt-Rock and Songwriting. It would be fair to say that if you like songs influenced by Pink Floyd, Simon and Garfunkel, Supertramp, Queen, and David Bowie coupled with some epic storytelling, humour and heartfelt emotions, you’ll love a Red Dirt Skinners concert.
With male and female harmonies blending together as one voice and Sarah’s trademark soprano saxophone solos, you will be swept along by the refreshingly different sound of the Red Dirt Skinners.

October 28: Kane & Potvin Tickets here

For those of us who were around in the 1990s, The Grapes of Wrath and The Northern Pikes are names that bring back lots of memories …. these were and are two hugely successful and influential Canadian rock bands. (Kevin) Kane & (Bryan) Potvin were principal songwriters in those respective bands and responsible for some of the biggest hits of the day, and Kevin is now a permanent member of the Pikes.

Fast forward to 2023 and both Kevin and Bryan live in Nova Scotia, making it easier for them to write and perform – together. Playing classic hits and new collaborations with a penance honed from decades on stage makes for one heck of a good show. Join us in the living room for an intimate and engaging night of songs and stories…..

November 11: Dennis Ellsworth & Nolton Lake Tickets here

Dennis Ellsworth is a songwriter, performer, sideman, and record producer from Charlottetown, PE. His songwriting career started in high school, filling notebooks with lyrics and poems. He grew up on the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Ray Charles, Kris Kristofferson, Roy Orbison, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard. Over the years he has collaborated with Josh Finlayson and Andy Maize from Skydiggers, Gord Downie from The Tragically Hip, Joel Plaskett, Donovan Woods, & Rose Cousins. In 2015 Dennis signed a publishing deal with Cymba Music Publishing in Toronto and has since written songs in a wide variety of styles His music has appeared in television shows for CBC, Netflix, HBO and was featured in the award-winning film, The New Romantic.
Nolton Lake is a self-taught acoustic musician based in Montreal playing a mix of folk/world music. From his travels, he brings home different sounds and instruments to create music as a voyage captured in each song. From heart-felt sung acoustic songs to groovier world tunes, from the acoustic guitar to the Indian sitar, Nolton Lake mixes things up in way unheard of before, creating a vibe of faraway utopia within a calm feeling of finally being home.

So gather some friends – grab your tickets – and head on over – easy as that!  For each show, the artist(s) take 100% of ticket sales.  We provide a stage, an audience and offer snacks to guests. All shows are BYOB.  Bringing music-loving-friends and visiting family members is strongly encouraged.  See you soon 🙂

Monique & George

30 First Ave., Bedford
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