Spring into some new music at Patchwork

Our March show with (previously unknown to us and to everyone in the living room) JOE CROOKSTON was, in a word, EPIC. And I am confident that each guest who took a chance on something new felt pretty darned pleased with him/her/themself for the wisdom of this action. We will do our best to get Joe Crookston back up from NY to play (for bigger audiences) in Nova Scotia.

Our April performers may be new to Halifax area audiences but neither is new to us and we can vouch confidently that if you take the chance, gather some friends, buy the tickets and come out, you will not be disappointed.

LOGAN RICHARD will be back on Saturday, April 1 with keyboardist Ben Aitken. Spellbinding R&B grooves, pop hooks galore, a smooth voice that wraps you in, and tasteful blues-tinged guitar licks that make you realize why many are calling him one of the best up-and-coming young guitarists in the country. 

Honing his frontman skills from a young age, belting blues music on stages for outdoor summer café diners on the streets of Charlottetown, PEI, Richard asserted himself on the Maritime blues music scene early on in his life. Continuing his steep career trajectory ascent since then, Richard released his successful debut EP called “The Split” in 2017, which escalated him to a headline slot at the TD Jazz/Blues Festival, and was nominated for Blues Recording of the Year at the 2019 ECMA’s. 

The new self-titled eight-song EP produced by Adam Gallant toys with the roller coaster ride of being in love – falling out of it, not knowing how to let it go – with one of the highlight tracks being a co-write with Chris Kirby and Dave Sampson called Girlfriend Material. 

Tickets for Logan Richard are $25 and available on EventBrite here.

On Earth Day (April 22), we welcome back MATT EPP.  International touring artist and award-winning songwriter Matt Epp is the quintessential troubadour of the Canadian prairies, who has won the admiration of an audience that spans the globe. A stark and confessional songwriter endowed with an infinite capacity to engage an audience, Epp’s performances encourage a sense of connection and community, where every listener leaves as a friend. He is one of the gifted forerunners defining the future landscape of Canadian music – no doubt contributing to his Grand Prize win at the International Songwriting Competition in 2017. A seasoned collaborator and activist, Matt’s music has been on regular rotation on CBC, Sirius XM, and community radio for over a decade.

“…the main thing is that Matt Epp is simply one of the BEST of a generation of fine songwriters emerging in this country over the last decade or so, and carrying forward the torch of Canadian songwriting that goes back to Lightfoot, Mitchell, Young, Cohen and Cockburn. It’s what we’re really good at.” – Vancouver Folk Music Festival

Visit Matt’s website to listen to his new single Made for Love or explore his rich catalogue, including When You Know (co-written with Serena Ryder) and Never Have I Loved Like This (co-written with Rose Cousins).

Tickets for Matt Epp are $25 and available on EventBrite here.

So gather some friends – grab your tickets – and head on over – easy as that!  For each show, the artist(s) take 100% of ticket sales.  We provide a stage, an audience and offer snacks to guests. All shows are BYOB. Masks, unless things change, are optional.

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