New Show Added – No Foolin’

Baby it is cold outside! It won’t be cold in our living room when Christina Martin starts performing for our lucky audience – just two weeks from today – just a few tickets left.

Christina Martin is a powerhouse musician, songsmith, and performer whose music dances effortlessly through Pop, Rock, Folk and Americana traditions but stays deftly unchained by any one label, refusing to be pigeon-holed and unafraid to dip into stranger waters. From her Austin-inflected 2002 debut Pretty Things, through more rousing rocky climbs such as 2015’s It’ll Be Alright, to the sweeping cinematic dreamscape of 2018’s Impossible to Hold, Martin is an artist who is constantly shifting, and constantly evolving. Through it all runs a backbone of raw honesty about the human condition. Be they personal confessions or narrative tales, each song is lovingly crafted, and hits in the heart like a well-thrown punch. Christina Martin, together with partner Dale Murray, will share stories and songs from her vast catalogue of original songs. Show is February 18 Tickets

We are pumped to welcome back LOGAN RICHARD along with keyboardist Ben Aitken. We have followed Logan’s musical career with wonder and excitement after randomly catching him perform at an ECMA pop-up stage years ago in Halifax. We invited him to share a co-bill with Zamani back in 2019 and watching where each of them has taken their careers has been so very delightful. Logan will be here on Saturday, April 1st (yep – April Fool’s day but this is no joke!): Tickets are $25 and available on EventBrite here.

Logan Richard is a muli-talented musician based in Prince Edward Island. His exceptional skills as a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter are on full display in his long-time band, and are showcased in his recently released live album. However, it is his soul-shaking records and singles in the pop and R&B genres that have truly caught the attention of listeners and industry professionals, resulting in over 1 million streams — and counting.

“Playing guitar is a big part of what I do,” Logan explains. “It’s an integral part of the live show, and fans do expect some blues guitar worked into my songs, but it’s not blues. It’s contemporary pop.”

One of Logan’s most popular tracks, “The Start (Remix),” has garnered over 600,000 streams on Spotify alone. He has also had his music featured in popular TV shows such as Ginny & Georgia and Hudson & Rex, as well as the iconic Hockey Night In Canada. Logan’s upcoming release, the Learning To Love EP, was co-produced by highly sought-after producers Colin Buchanan and Adam Gallant, and features players from the Atlantic String Machine. The lead single and title track is a personal and reflective song about learning to appreciate the things around us.

Since releasing his first EP in 2017, Logan has continued to grow as an artist, earning an ECMA nomination for his self-titled EP in 2020, and releasing his live album, Live at the Trailside, in 2022. His talent has not gone unnoticed, and has been signed to Toronto-based Cymba Music Publishing.


Joe Crookston is a songwriter, guitarist, painter, fiddler, slide player, eco-village member and believer in all things possible…Named 2016 Folk International artist-in-residence, he may be exactly what we need RIGHT NOW. He believes in stories and tells them, in cinematic colour, with his 48 Gibson or fiddle by his side.

Check him out here: then secure your seats to an intimate St. Patrick’s Day show at Patchwork.

Joe Crookston – March 17 Tickets

NOTE: Patchwork ( is a house concert series, i.e. we present concerts in our living room. For all shows the artist(s) take the door. We provide the stage, chairs and hopefully a room filled with eager listeners. We will provide a few snacks and soft drinks will be available; otherwise it is BYOB (we have glasses!). Bringing music-loving-friends and visiting family members is strongly encouraged.

Monique & George

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