Christina Martin – November 2

Don’t settle for an any old Friday evening, come round for some great live music.

We don’t host shows very often on Fridays.  But when Christina Martin calls, we say YES!

“Impossible To Hold” is Martin’s sixth and strongest studio album, achieving a perfect balance between organic ambience and impeccable production. “I’m writing about faith and love more than ever with songs like ‘Keep Me Calm’ and ‘Always Reminding’, but I haven’t shaken the need to write about the darker things that are part of our human journey”. Combining good taste, passionate singing and thoughtful lyrics, “Impossible To Hold” is where music and poetry meet.

If you missed her big cd release show at the Marquis in September, here is your chance to catch Christina & Dale before they head back to Europe where they have an ever growing fan base.

Christina Martin : Friday, November 2nd 
Showtime: 8 pm; Doors: 7:30 pm
Tickets: $25 on EventBrite:

BYOB.  Snacks offered.  Shareable snacks welcome.  Sharing this email with friends strongly encouraged.

Monique & George
Patchwork House Concerts
30 First Ave., Bedford
On twitter @PatchworkHConc

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