Alan Gerber – April 21, 2012

It’s time for a blues show no?  Actually this is a blues meets boogie-woogie meets Patchwork show!

Alan Gerber

Saturday, April 21 @ 8 pm  : $20 per person (100 % to the musician)

Strap on your boogie-woogie shoes, hold on and get ready … Alan Gerber has arrived! This eccentric entertainer is wowing audiences internationally. His amalgamation of boogie-woogie, stunning vocal interpretations and fine musicianship make Gerber an artist of the highest order. His show is exhilarating and captivates audiences of all demographics placing him in high demand to festivals, clubs and theatres nationally, He has participated in major events such as: The Montreal Jazz Festival, Ottawa Blues Festival, Fort Lauderdale Blues Festival, Toronto Harbour Front Blues, Carcassonne Music Festival & many more.

Alan began his career as a singer, songwriter and keyboardist with the group Rhinoceros before embarking on a solo career.  In 1994, he produced and released “Chicken Walk”. He followed that up with “Fools That Try” in 1997 and “The Boogie Man” in 1999. When demand for a live CD began to surface, Alan took the studio on the road and produced “Alan Gerber Live” in 2002. This CD captured his live performance energy and audiences and buyers were quick to stand up and take notice. “Alan Gerber Live” showcased Gerber in all areas of his art. He produced the recording, wrote and performed the songs, and played all instruments on this CD. In 2005 he released the critically acclaimed “Blue Tube”. A quote from Dan Behrman, producer/host of “Espace Musique”, Radio Canada blues show: “He literally explodes from the very start with all the musical colors that Blues-Funk has in its paint box…. Alan Gerber is a sensitive & intelligent lyricist whose positive message is ideally driven home by the right words he uses”.  His latest CD, Queen Of Hearts, was released in 2009.

Please go on youtube for a taste of what this guy can do:                       Or

Visit his website for more :

RSVP ( for directions and reminders.

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